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A leisurely, self-paced educational counselor, mainly in Iwaki City,

Career advancement support at your own pace.

Tutor / Lecturer Home study / Educational counseling / Ability development / International exchange support / Career guidance We will support your motivation!


新教研もぎテスト 中学1〜3年生

HOUSE / Ganpu / House ▼ Test to know your academic ability that is directly linked to the exam ▼ 3,200 yen (tax included) once ⇒Payment on the day or collection at the end of the last class ▼ Change your mood with sweets during breaks. Please prepare your own lunch and dinner. After the completion, self-scoring with a copy of the answer sheet. There is also career counseling. ● Schedule -12: 50 Meeting-13:00 Start (Country / Number / English-Break-Science / Company) -18:00 End ● Brings-Writing Instruments-Compass-Drinks ★ Introduction Discount (For those with friends: (Advance notice required) → 1 hour and a half price for the next class per person → Direct connection to increase motivation for rivalry * Those who plan to participate in club activities can participate from the middle. Please contact us in advance!

Student Writing

◉ Tutor / Lecturer Home Study

▼ The instructor will visit your home or your desired location (library, restaurant, etc.) and provide one-on-one teaching, learning support, and teaching methods. Each person has different personalities and characteristics, and there are various learning methods. We will provide individualized support. In addition to studying, we provide counseling, life advice, and other support to enjoy each person’s life.

▼ Contents >> Elementary school / junior high school students: all subjects, high school students: English / country / other consultation, infants / general: consultation, etc .: civil service examination / sign language / English conversation / cooking / DIY / Eiken / computer

▼ Teaching materials >> Negotiable with your own items, commercial teaching materials, our own teaching materials, etc.

▼ For tutors (other than the teacher’s house), round-trip transportation costs will be incurred. The last 10 minutes of class time are used for homework confirmation and parental counseling. Since this is a student class, busy parents may be absent.

▼ Others >> Shinkyoken Mogi Test / Recreation / Domestic / Overseas Travel Accompanied


Please select the day you want to participate in from the calendar.

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Male and female students doing schoolwork

◉Educational counseling

▼ “There is no one without trouble”, so when I stumble or fall, I want to share the pain. Children and students will acquire the skills to survive while solving problems regardless of size in various situations such as school situations, friends, and family. As an educational counselor, we will work hard every day to stay close to the students’ hearts, such as school refusal, bullying, various disabilities, and interpersonal skills. We also deal with issues such as how to be involved as a guardian and family problems.

▼ Location: Home, teacher’s home, desired location.

▼ Reservation required.

▼ Please contact us first.

Together at the Top

◉ International Exchange / Recreation / Skill Development

▼ International Exchange >> In order to live in an internationalized society, we need both an introverted perspective and an extroverted perspective. In addition, information and objectivity from overseas also have a great influence on my career advancement. At the instructor’s house, an international guesthouse that has been built over 260 years ago, you can have English conversation and international exchange with guests from overseas. We also support overseas travel, study abroad, and international events.

▼ Recreation >> GAMP’s motto is “Let’s go at your own pace!” A wide range of perspectives and experiences expands the enjoyment of living and promotes a positive attitude. Play is important. We will work on various games and hobbies together.

▼ Ability development: Each person’s ability is infinite. People often run into situations where they cannot see the future of their careers and lives. In such a case, know yourself and look for your potential. As an education counselor, we will consult with you regarding support for individual development.

Group Students Smilling


Total Education Support ・ GAMP believes that in order to provide better services, it is necessary to receive your opinions and respond to each one. I would appreciate it if you could tell me anything. I would like to expand the relationship in which we can work hard with each other.