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Large Private Sleeping Room

Tada’s accommodation information

Guest House Ganpu House in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture.
Let’s go at our own pace, which is the origin of “Ganpu”! Let’s enjoy.



The first farmhouse old folk house guesthouse in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture.
In a calm and quiet countryside, an old private house with a heartwarming thatched roof, the owner of Oshisuke-yaki Naoji Auntie always supports you to your heart’s content!
Relax in a traditional building that has been built for over 260 years since the Kyoho era, which survived the Great Tohoku Earthquake, while experiencing ancient life. (^^)

“Looking for yourself in an old folk house as it is”

Please help us like Facebook @GAMP HOUSE when making a reservation!
* Repair work on the entire building has been ongoing since the Great Tohoku Earthquake. We may be inconvenienced, but you can stay.

The room

■ Large private room (1-4 people) ■

* A family where you can spend your time with peace of mind: Even if you are staying from today, the Oshisuke-yaki staff and the Ganpu family! Let’s live like a family.

* Agricultural experience: If you have any requests for sowing, harvesting, mowing, etc., please let us know in advance. Let’s eat natural pesticide-free vegetables!

* Natural Life: Feel free to relax as if you were at home. We are aiming to preserve the cultural properties of traditional buildings, so please take good care of yourself.

* Good environment: There is a lot of nature nearby, such as an amusement park, the sea, and mountains. We have everything you need, such as convenience stores and supermarkets. Please tell us about other things that you can enjoy.

Reception, Entrance hall (Smoking area)

Communication Space with Fire hearth

Guest access range

Available space
・ Guest kitchen
・ Small private room (reservation only)
・ Shared room (reservation only)
・ Living room
・ Hearth community space
・ Bathroom, washroom
・ Toilet
・ Smoking area (entrance)
(Please feel free to use it carefully)

* Private space of the owner’s family, no entry to the warehouse
(Please do not touch the equipment)

* Please do not touch anything other than your own.
* Do not damage or steal the equipment or property of the owner’s family.

Shared room

Reservations for up to 6 people

Click here to reserve a shared room

Yamato room

Reservations for up to 3 people

Click here to reserve a Yamato room

Small Japanese-style room

Reservations for up to 2 people

Click here to reserve a small Japanese-style room


★ Due to the Airbnb system, the price displayed when making a reservation is per person. For those who make a reservation for multiple people, we will inform you of the regular price with the number of people discount applied after making the reservation. We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

★ Please provide a copy of your passport and your own details at check-in.

★ This is a traditional old folk house that has been around since the Edo period, so I’m very sorry, but the equipment is not barrier-free. In addition, each room has no walls and is separated only by shoji doors, so the sound echoes. Due to lack of air conditioning, it is hot in the summer and cold in the winter, so please come and experience the old-fashioned life. Thank you for your understanding.

let's drink and chat, cheers!

★ Other options
* Omakase dinner: 1,500 yen including tax (reservation required by the day before)
* Omakase breakfast: 800 yen including tax (reservation required by the day before) By yourself. Detergent / softener service)

Business license number

Ryokan Business Law Permit Number | Fukushima Prefecture Iwaki Public Health Center | No. 24259